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AZ tyre Tuning Cup 2008
The official rules of competition


1st General information
1.1. Basic round - předvýběr
1.2. The timetable and a system of competition
1.3. The competition
2nd Scoring system
3rd Competition categories
3.1. Classic Competition category
3.2. Profi Scene
3.3. Special categories of competition:
3.4. Top 10
4th The evaluation categories
5th Foreign competitors
6th Grand finale

AZ tyre Tuning Cup 2008 - the official rules
Competition AZ tyre Tuning Cup is the beauty competitions prepared cars. It focused on their stylingové and tuningové adjustments. The awards aim to find in all the best prepared vehicles in each category. It was for this reason, official and binding rules under which competition takes place.
1st General information
1.1. Basic round - předvýběr
Individual competitions begin with wheels always předvýběrem in which selected only those vehicles which meet certain minimum level of adjustment. This does not mean that the competition can only cars with precious lakes, chrome wheels and pozlaceným engine. The emphasis is on quality and range of adjustments, their creativity and overall performance. The jury in the pre-focusing on basic security features and purity of the entire car. Each participant has his vehicle before the start of the competition thoroughly demonstrate that the jury could decide whether the competition is ready. Preselection will always be on a dedicated site at the entry to the area of competition tyres AZ Tuning Cup.
If it is competing with his car in pre successful, it shall be no later than 11:00 h register for the competition in the information tent! After completing complete the registration form is the vehicle for one-time fee CZK 200 allocated start number is valid for all round tyre AZ Tuning Cup season in 2008. Registration fee is CZK 200 applies only to vehicle registration, ie. only once in that season. For each season, the new numbers are listed, all starting numbers from past years are invalid! After registration and payment of a fee to the owner of the car moves between other competitive vehicles in the area of competition tyres AZ Tuning Cup. Competition number must be held throughout the competition clearly exposed in the vehicle, preferably in the front glass. With the number of valid for the season now for the rest of the vehicle in the pre-need not. It, however, reserves the right to remove competitive car starting number, if no longer satisfy the conditions for the successful completion of pre-.
1.2. The timetable and a system of competition
Schedule is in the fundamental points at each meeting the same. In the event of significant changes in the schedule is published on the official website of the competition and / or directly to a meeting in the information tent competition. It is located in an area of competition tyres AZ Tuning Cup and is clearly marked.
Friday: The possibility of the arrival of the registered vehicles starting with a valid number. No other vehicles are in the area of competition vpuštěny!
Saturday: All vehicles must be sorted and registered no later than 11:00 h. Vehicles that come after 11:00 hours, they are not allowed in competitive fights. All registration must take place in the main registration tent competition. Applies to all competitors, without exception. It entered the competition number of competitors present, and the arrival time. If a competitor registered car, which is not yet physically present in the area of competition, and it has its registered vehicle automatically diskvalifikováno. After the conclusion of registration, ie after 11:00 h, the main tent competition rozlosovány each category porotcům. The results of the ballot are then displayed on the Information Desk. For each category is written the time in which to evaluate and in which they are required to be competing in their cars present.
Contestants who are involved in the other competitions in the meeting (dB Drag, EMMA, sprinty), the playing field is temporarily leave the vehicle only, provided that this report in the information tent, together with the anticipated time of return. The organizers reserve the right to contest the organisational reasons leaving the area of competition at all disapprove. If competitors leave the vehicle is a competitive area without prior notice, or in ujednaný time nestihne with the vehicle back and even this fact does not inform the organiser may be the organiser of the round competition excluded.
This is without prejudice to the right of the individual contestant to discuss a time to tour the vehicle directly with the jurors evaluating the appropriate category. In the case of locked vehicles without the presence of the owner or his representative, the vehicle is assessed at all. If the owner nedohodne additional assessment of the vehicle is disqualified from the competition. In the absence of the owner for the vehicle has the right to make requests Juror owner of the additional evaluation, as this would mean the timetable slip in the evaluation of other categories or other organizational problems. Any request for additional evaluation addresses the jury that category competitors with each individually.
1.3. The competition
The competition is an individual with regard to the possibility of meeting. At all competition rounds have the opportunity to present its competing car public. In a specially designated area it is helpful, along with moderator hosteskami. The car performance is given a special award Best Show (see Section Competition category), which is transmitted along with cups for each category. For each round of competition and the Great finals may be announced one-off competition categories, which are always competing informed on the official website competition.
2nd Scoring system
In each category is the first 8 points assessed competitors. They will get progressively 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point. The points are competitors for the entire season added. Until the final evaluation, which used to qualification for the Grand Finals, is counted 5 best location (sample see Table 1 - An example of the category French Scene at the end of the season). All competitors but must also meet the basic condition for participation in the Grand Finals, which is the participation of at least three rounds of competition, AZ tyre Tuning Cup during the current season.
Order contestants car Round I. Round II. Round III. Round IV. Round V. Round VI. Round VII. Round VIII. Round IX. Round X. Total
1st No contestants 1 Peugeot 307 CC 5 8 10 - 10 - 10 - - 10 48
2nd No contestants 2 Peugeot 206 4 6 - 4 8 10 - 10 - 8 42
3rd No contestants 3 Peugeot 205 - 5 - 3 6 8 - 8 - 8 35
4th No contestants 4 Renault 19 Chamade - - - 10 5 6 8 - - - 29
5th No contestants 5 Peugeot 306 10 - - - - - - - 10 - 20
6th No contestants 6 Peugeot 206 6 - 8 - - 2 - - - 2 18
7th No contestants 7 Peugeot 306 - 10 - - - 3 - 3 - - 16
8th No contestants 8 Citroen ZX - - - - - - - 6 - 4 10
9th No Soutěžíčí 9 Citroen Saxo 3 - - - - 0 - 4 - - 7

Tab. 1 - An example of the category French Scene at the end of the season 2008
Table 1 shows an example of final results in the category French Scene at the end of the season. Red items are not marked to the overall assessment, which includes only five best location contestant. Blue markings which compete with the Big qualified to the finals. In the case of contestant No. 4 sufficient qualifications to only four locations evaluated, since the sum was enough to put in the first six categories. At the same time, but met the basic condition for participation in the Grand Finals, which is the participation of at least three rounds of competition, AZ tyre Tuning Cup during the current season. This does not apply to the contestant No. 5, which is in the TOP 6, but did not at least three rounds of competition. Similar situations are competing for the No. 7, which although has three bodované participation, but not in the Top 6th No contestants 7 may be subsequently invited at the discretion of the organizers of the competition.
3rd Competition categories
3.1. Classic Competition category

Audi Scene
Seat Scene
VW'80s Scene1
VW'90s Scene2
VW Millennium Scene3
Skoda Oldies Scene4
Skoda Scene5
Skoda Modern Scene6
Skoda Fabia Scene
Opel Scene
BMW Scene
Ford Scene
Honda Scene
Japan & Asia Scene7
French Scene
Peugeot Scene
Italian Scene
Other Scene
Oldies Scene8
Profi Scene9

1) Golf I and II, the Beetle, Jetta, Scirocco, B2 Passat, Polo II, Transporter T3 and older
2) Golf III, Vento, Corrado, B3 and B4 Passat, Polo III, Transporter T4, I Sharan
3) Golf IV and V, Bora, Passat B5, New Beetle, Lupo, Sharan II, Polo IIIF and later, T5 Transporter, Fox, Touran, Touareg, the Tiguan, Eos and later.
4) Skoda cars since 1979 after the manufacturing production of a series of 136
5) Skoda Favorit, Felicia
6) Skoda Octavia, Superb, Roomster and later
7) In addition to cars, Honda
8) Vehicles r. in. 1978 and older - the owner of such vehicle must falls into the category Oldies Scene
9) Vehicles jury, competition and corporate sponsors showcary
3.2. Profi Scene
The category includes companies demonstration cars built for the purpose of commercial advertising, demonstration cars firms sponzorujících competition AZ tyre Tuning Cup and all vehicles jury competition. The inclusion in the category Profi Scene decide leadership contest. By Profi Scene may be transferred during the season of classic cars from competition categories, will start if they are subject to certain of these specifications.
  Test vehicles firms: It is a vehicle, which are the property of the company or the property of people with the company directly linked to and during the competition, which is located visible logo, emblem or. other commercial advertising clearly promoting the company. If the vehicle in an area dedicated to him, no commercial advertising in that form is not, is included in the classic competition categories.
Test vehicles sponsor firms: It is an all vehicles, which are the property of companies or people with property firms sponzorujícími competition AZ tyre Tuning Cup related, even if that does not contain any elements of commercial ads above - see. Test vehicles companies.
Cars jury and keeping competition AZ tyre Tuning Cup: Private vehicles of members of the jury and the leadership contest AZ tyre Tuning Cup. Vehicles of all other brigádníků and auxiliary forces of competition, who are not members of the jury and not the assessment of the competition vehicles are included in the classic competition categories.
3.3. Special categories of competition:
Best of Best - the best car meeting
Best Interior - the best interior
Best Audio - the best audio (design)
Best Engine - the best engine (design)
Best Show - the best performance car
Best Creative - the best arrangement car
Special categories will be announced after the agreement with the organizer of meeting only to certain events and the list will be published in advance on the website of the competition. In addition to the categories of Best of Best, Best Show and Best Creative, which will be granted only one cup, will be in other special categories announced TOP 3 cars without distinction, respectively.
3.4. Top 10
The competition categories announced for all competitors AZ tyre Tuning Cup, taking part in the Grand Finals. Jury selects from all participants in the Grand Finals Top 10 vehicles (ranking 4th to 10th place Unspecified). In this competition does not mark the car, selected to the best of the best. The results of all categories will be announced in the final stage of the Grand Finals.
4th The evaluation categories
The jury will evaluate each vehicle in the following categories:
Exterior - design and the overall alignment of the body used with accessories, lighting and all the other elements on the exterior vehicle.
Interior - the material used and its color reconciliation, the total adjustment, the reconciliation of the style car. By evaluating the interior and trunk falls
Technical adjustments - all the technical adjustments to improve driving characteristics of the vehicle, for example, sports brakes, chassis, relieve the car or increase the performance of the vehicle - it must be substantiated by the Protocol of motor brakes or other relevant documents (photographs, official results sprints, the results of telemetry, etc.)
Lak - a combination of a selection of paints, airbrush and other special effects.
Chassis - design modifications undercarriage of the vehicle (s, podběhy, floor, shoulders, according to reduce chassis-style car, etc.)
Wheels - the design and implementation, reconciliation with the overall style of car
Motorized space - the design concept of the engine compartment
The quality of treatment - an overall look at the quality of the processing of all adjustments
- The idea of creativity and ingenuity of all the adjustments made
Audio - the choice of components and their quality, functionality
Security - the mandatory equipment, sharp edges, the removal of stěračů and other "modifications" threatening the crew vehicle or other road users.
Cleanliness - purity and vehicle readiness for the competition (the bodywork, wheels, engine, interior)
For each category the jury granted a number of points which are aggregated and decide on the order. Categories on the outcome not equally, some are more important, others less so (see Figure 1 - The evaluation categories).
Figure 1 - The evaluation categories
The exemption in the assessment: In the case of cars, which do not have a valid registration plate and are sraz brought to the trolley or other transportation equipment, namely " "Showcars" is the assessment of the jury in the category "Security" from the other participants in the competition slightly different. These vehicles do not have a mandatory equipment and there is no point Collisions for modifications of the type removed stěračů or too zatmavených lamp or blikačů, since they are not direct road users.
5th Foreign competitors
Competitions AZ tyre Tuning Cup may attend as well as any foreign competitors, but must meet all the conditions laid down. Foreign competitors have the same rights and obligations as a competitor in the Czech Republic.
6th Grand finale
Great finale is the culmination of a year-long competition, AZ tyre Tuning Cup and will be the 27th September in the Tuning Salon Brno 2008. The Great finals are invited only those competitors who meet the qualifying conditions. Among those include the participation of at least 3 events, which will take place AZ tyre Tuning Cup and the location of the Top 6 in the competitive category (see Section 2nd Scoring system). The Grand Finals will be decided on the three best cars in 2008 in each category and announced it is also the category TOP 10 (see Section 3rd Competition category). Vehicles are assessed according to the classic rules AZ tyre Tuning Cup. The evaluation of progress "from scratch" and have no effect on the results of the wheels - is the only qualification to the finals. Complete instructions participants will find the Big finale to the official website www.tuningcup.cz competition.
The main organizers:
Peter Matthew petr.matous @ tuningcup.cz phone: +420 604 235 201
Lenka Matoušová lenka@dynamat.cz phone: +420 604 235 263
Ales Darebník ales.darebnik @ tuningcup.cz phone: +420 737 676 269
WWW: www.tuningcup.cz
The organizer of the competition reserves the right to change the rules AZ tyre Tuning Cup. Any changes will always be available on www.tuningcup


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